April Fool’s Day has moved online for 2014

April Fool’s Day has moved online for 2014

It is coming around every year and you are never sure whether it gets you or not. Fortunately, we at OSD were spared this year. The digital world however tried to sell us a few strange looking items. Here is a little summary of the weird and wonderful.

Twitter Helmet

Image Ref : www.mashable.com

Twitter Helmet

Twitter announced the arrival of the Twitter Helmet a “a sophisticated, fully immersive, staggeringly high-resolution wearable device”. Think Google Glass meets Motorbike helmet and you get the idea. But don’t be fooled, it is not any old helmet! Peck your head like, say a chicken and you are actually tweeting.

Drawings and apparent undercover videos haven been “leaked” for the digital user to get a sneak peek of the 2014 fashion item being test-worn by twitter employees.


“Shelfies”, the shareable selfies

Image Ref Google.com

Shelfies”, the shareable selfies. The idea behind it simple: don’t be selfish with your selfie. You have the option of setting your selfie as a

Gmail Custom Theme in order to either share it with your friends or look at yourself a little more. Oh, and as you can share it, you can also check out who’s the highest ranking of them all. Check yourself out


And Chrome created the next step for linguistic evolution. Emoji translates the entire internet – URLs, eCommerce, medical journals, legal documents and even subtitles are all emojified. The Emoji-wave didn’t even stop from taking over coding. The list is endless, who needs words when you can have Emoji?

Audisonic Personalisation Programme

And now finally, probably one that would be the most interesting in the real world. It is taking visual personalisation of your car one step further. With Peugeot’s very own Audisonic Personalisation Programme you can choose the sound of your car horn. Upload from either their database or upload from your own playlist. The options are endless….

We are looking forward to next year’s newest inventions / pranks.

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April Fool’s Day has moved online for 2014
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